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The Science Of Nutrient Compatibility

Our 3 unique formulas combine vitamins and minerals that work great together and more importantly we avoid the combinations that are incompatible.

We have created this graphic to help illustrate the compatibility of all major vitamins and minerals.

The Ts shown on the graphic represent where our TRINITY formulas have leveraged compatible nutrients to maximise their benefits and avoid incompatible combinations.

Certain vitamins and minerals can interact in the body in ways that can have an effect on their efficacy when taken as a supplement.

Wondering Why These Interactions Occur?

  • Certain nutrients such as fat soluble vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream through the same pathways and so they compete for absorption which leads to reduced efficacy and effectiveness within the body.
  • Other nutrients may interact in the digestive tract like vitamin C and B12 leading to chemical degradation, reducing the available amount that can be absorbed. Other nutrients may affect the metabolic breakdown of others, leading to imbalanced levels within the body.
  • Jon's time as a Clinical Pharmacist has given him advanced expertise in drug interactions and drug absorption and these fundamental principles have been used to create our revolutionary health supplement, TRINITY.
Product photo of our TRINITY morning, TRINITY day and TRINITY night formulas

Maximise Absorption

  • For optimal absorption, vitamins and minerals shouldn't be taken all together in a single dose formulation. 
  • It's important to get all the essential vitamins delivered to you at the right time of day. For example, B vitamins help you wake up and provide energy so are helpful to take in the morning, whereas Magnesium helps your muscles rest and recover and so is helpful to take in the evening.

  • Balancing all of these interactions can be a complex task but luckily, we’ve done it for you in creating our three TRINITY formulas.


We know that medicines should be taken at certain times of day to get the most out of them. The same is true for nutrition, you wouldn't eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner in one sitting and you shouldn't take your supplements like that either. 

  • Morning Formula: Energise and Focus.
    Perfect for kickstarting your day with a boost to energy, blood flow, and mental cognition. [Learn More]
  • Day Formula: Sustain Health and Performance.
    Stay active and maintain your momentum throughout the day. [Learn More]
  • Night Formula: Deep Rest and Recovery.
    Promote high-quality sleep and rejuvenate your body overnight. [Learn More]
Image of our morning capsule which contains turmeric

Pure Nutrition, No Fillers

Our vegan friendly capsules are packed full of active nutrients. Inactive ingredients (also known as excipients) are often included in a wide range of other formulations such as tablets, gummies and liquids.

These excipients are often added to help with the manufacturing process or to ensure the stability of the formula. Common excipients include binders, bulking agents, disintegrants, flavourings and many more.

At Arbor Vitamins we believe that supplements should include only active ingredients and that is why TRINITY is packed full of nutrients to keep you on top form.