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30 day supply

7 powerful functional mushrooms across 2 organic blends - time optimised to perform in synergy with your daily routine.

Our blends promote energy & focus throughout the day, and restfulness and calm through the evening, as well as a ton of other incredible benefits.

Caffeine Free
Sugar Free
Vegan Friendly
100% Fruiting Body
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Top 3 reasons you'll love MYCO 🍄

1. Our formulas are made up of 7 of the most powerful functional mushrooms with a whole host of incredible health benefits.

2. They are designed to perform in synergy with your body's natural rhythm through the day, delivering what you need, when you need it most.

3. Our blends are organic, vegan and free from added sugar, fillers, bulking agents & caffeine.


Chaga - Antioxidant support, natures aid immune support, blood sugar control and improved cognition

Cordyceps - Energy enhancement, respiratory health, athletic performance, improved libido and energy

Shiitake - Heart health, immune function, immune support, Improved cognition and mood

Lion's Mane - Gut health, anti-inflammatory, nerve regeneration, enhances cognitive function and mood


Reishi - Immune support, stress relief, liver health, relaxation and improved sleep quality

Maitake - Immune support, blood sugar control, improved mental clarity and promotes calmness

Tremella - Hydrates skin, rich in vitamin D, supports bone and nerve health and has potential anti-aging effects on the brain

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