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5 Benefits of Arbor's MYCO Moring & Night Functional Mushroom Powders - Arbor Vitamins

5 Benefits of Arbor's MYCO Moring & Night Functional Mushroom Powders

Have you ever wondered about consuming functional mushrooms? Thanks to Arbor Vitamins for making it possible to eat functional mushrooms every day, so you can enjoy the incredible benefits of the 7 potent medicinal mushrooms in our blends. We present the top 5 benefits of Arbor's MYCO morning & night functional mushroom powders so you can happily add them to your routine!

We take pride in formulating mushroom supplements for optimal health. We have carefully selected and added the 7 most potent functional mushrooms to our revolutionary product, MYCO!

Mushroom Powder Potency

The magic of 7 potent functional mushrooms is enclosed in our MYCO supplement. It aims to uplift your overall health and comes as 2 time optimised formulas, morning and night in synergy with your body's natural cycles.

MYCO Bundle

The top 5 benefits of our MYCO morning & night functional mushroom powders depend on how we divide them for easy consumption day and night.

Morning Formula

  • Chaga supports blood sugar management, immune system stimulation, antioxidant support, and cognitive enhancement.
  • Cordyceps increases vitality, bolstering respiratory health, boosting energy levels, and improving sports performance.
  • Shiitake promotes better mood and cognition, strengthens the immune system, and supports heart health.
  • Lion's Mane supports neuron regeneration, lowers inflammation, improves cognitive function, and promotes digestive health.

Night Formula

  • Reishi enhances liver health, lowers stress, and enhances the immune system and quality of sleep.
  • Maitake promotes mental clarity, lowers blood sugar, boosts immunity, and induces relaxation.
  • Tremella hydrates the skin, supplies vital Vitamin D, promotes the health of bones and nerves, and may delay the ageing process in the brain.

Why Should You Select Our Mushroom Supplement?

Our MYCO functional mushroom powders provide a comprehensive strategy for health and energy, utilising 7 mushrooms across 2 formulas.

The formulations for morning and nighttime work harmoniously with your body's natural cycles to provide optimal effectiveness.

Our competent workforce prioritises quality, using the purest substances and the most effective dosages to provide the best possible outcomes.

Scientific Foundations

The unique formulation is based on chrononutrition. It provides the benefits of the functional mushrooms at the times of day when your body is more likely to needs them to ensure maximum benefit. 

When Will the Advantages Become Visible to You?

Most users see the benefits within a few weeks of consistent use, if not sooner. However, individual outcomes may differ. Noticeable advantages usually appear within the first one to two months but are usually within a few days.

Best Use: Morning or Night?

To ultimately benefit, start using the Morning Formula as soon as you get up and the Night Formula in the evening, around 30 minutes before bed.

Friendly to Vegetarians & Vegans

Our MYCO blends are inclusive products and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Cruelty-Free Supplements

We respect morality by abstaining from animal experimentation and ensuring that their goods are cruelty-free.

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