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When to take vitamin E morning or night? - Arbor Vitamins

When to take vitamin E morning or night?

Vitamin E has gained an undeservedly stellar reputation as a champion of skin health, an antidote against free radicals and a potential answer in our quest for ageless vitality. Now that many of us include vitamin E supplements in our daily regimens, an important question arises: When to take vitamin E? Morning or Night? At Arbor Vitamins, we recognise the importance of taking supplements at the right times of day and our mission is to equip you with the knowledge to enable informed choices regarding your health!

Vit E: Fat-Soluble Protagonist

To identify an ideal timing for vitamin E consumption, we need first to understand its nature as a fat-soluble nutrient. Vitamin E needs dietary fats to be fully absorbed - thus leading to debate: When to take vitamin E? Morning or Night?

The Morning Advocates

Advocates of an early morning regime assert that taking vitamin E with breakfast increases absorption due to healthy fats present in such dishes as avocado toast, nut butter on whole-wheat bread or Greek yoghurt with chia seeds. Early risers can leverage vitamin E's powerful antioxidant power against free radical damage throughout their day by including it in their morning routine.

Night Shift Advocates

Opposing the popular belief, night owls posit that nighttime is ideal for nutritional intake. As our bodies focus on repair and regeneration during sleep, this period provides vitamin E with ample time to exert its beneficial properties - plus some research suggests taking this vitamin before bed may improve sleep quality further.

The Final Verdict

In short, figuring out the best time and method to take vitamin E can be puzzling, but Arbor Vitamins is here to help. Whether you prefer taking it in the morning or at night, Arbor Vitamins offers the guidance and support you need to navigate this nutritional journey successfully.

We include vitamin E in our TRINITY night time vitamin due to this nutrient being known for it's sleep supporting qualities. 

A quick summary of the main points: 

As we discussed “When to take vitamin E? Morning or Night?” depends on individual circumstances and needs. 


  • Increase Absorption: For optimal uptake, pair vitamin E with healthy fats like avocado in your breakfast to maximise absorption. 
  • Daytime Defence: Antioxidants actively protect cells against free radical damage throughout the day.


  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Nighttime provides an ideal environment for optimal nutrient absorption, potentially optimising its benefits. 
  • Rest and Replenish: It may assist the body's natural repair processes during sleep and restore itself as an antidote for any damage done during daytime activities.
  • Sleep Soundly: Studies suggest that it could improve sleep quality for some individuals.

Pro Tip: If vitamin E causes abdominal distress, taking it with food either in the morning or at night could ease any related discomfort.

Beyond Binary: Discovering Customised Solutions

Arbor Vitamins believes in personalised wellness. Our range of Vitamin E options offers something suitable to each lifestyle:

  • Rest and recover with evening vitamin E and essential nutrients from TRINITY Night Formula!
  • MyCO Bundle - Experience functional mushrooms through Reishi and Lion's Mane varieties and pair this with TRINITY night formula for the complete wellness package.
  • TRINITY Night Formula - Give yourself an added boost with Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin E and much more in our TRINITY night supplements formulated to promote relaxation and restful sleep, combined with its protective capabilities.

Consistency when taking vitamins is of utmost importance - adhering to a regular schedule allows the body to adapt more easily and maximise benefits.

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