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What can help our body to absorb more nutrients? - Arbor Vitamins

What can help our body to absorb more nutrients?

Our bodies are good at getting all important nutrients from the food we eat. But, even under proper nutrition, it is not impossible for our bodies to fail in absorbing all vitamins minerals and antioxidants needed for optimum well-being and health. With that in mind, taking supplements can be really beneficial. Getting the most out of them can mean big improvements in how healthy you are and feel. But what kinds of supplements help your body absorb nutrients better?

Arbor Vitamins' Dedication to Holistic Wellbeing

At Arbor Vitamins, we believe firmly in promoting holistic wellness for total well-being, taking an integrated approach to our customers' well-being that begins within. Our supplement formulations prioritise absorption rates and nutrient synergy, ensuring your body reaps maximum benefit and effect from each nutrient. This blog post will discuss nutrient absorption; uncovering key supplements designed to work synergistically for enhanced wellness.

Understanding Absorption as the Gateway to Wellness

Before discussing what supplements help your body absorb nutrients, it's crucial to understand the absorption process. Think of food as an ever-rich treasure chest filled with gems representing essential nutrients; our digestive systems serve as keys, unlocking this chest to release these jewels into our bloodstream for distribution throughout our bodies. Unfortunately, not all locks can easily open and various factors can sometimes inhibit absorption.

Factors Impeding Absorption

Nutrient Interactions

Certain nutrients compete for absorption, creating difficulties for proper uptake. A prime example would be iron and calcium interactions where one may overpower the other in terms of absorption.

Digestion Imbalances

Digestive imbalances such as leaky gut syndrome or enzyme deficiencies can prevent optimal absorption of essential elements by the body, hindering its ability to use them efficiently.

Food Choices

Certain dietary choices like fibre and antinutrients, may bind with nutrients and limit their absorption into our systems - understanding this dynamic is integral for optimising nutrient intake and outcomes.

Enhance Your System: Essential Supplements to Promote Optimised Nutrient Absorption

What supplements help your body absorb nutrients? Here are some powerful agents for promoting your body's full capacity for nutrient uptake.

1. Probiotics & Prebiotics as A Complement for Gut Health

Together, probiotics and prebiotics promote the right environment in your gut. Probiotics help in digestion by facilitating nutrient assimilation; prebiotics aid them through direct feeding to probiotic colonies. Our MYCO Bundle contains 7 powerful functional mushrooms which may help support our gut health, helping us to better absorb nutrients.

2. Digestive Enzymes: Enhancing Natural Processes

When your body requires additional help producing enzymes, our Trinity morning formula can offer an efficient solution by breaking down food quickly to release vital nutrients more readily for absorption.

3. Vitamin C: the Essential Antioxidant Solution

Vitamin C acts as a chelator by binding with minerals like iron and increasing their solubility and absorbability. By adding a drop of lemon juice to leafy greens or taking our TRINITY morning formula (containing both iron and calcium), you can maximise the benefits!

4. Supporting Stomach Acid by Supporting Nutrient Uptake

Stomach acid is important for protein digestion and mineral assimilation. If stomach acid levels are low then adding acidic cooking elements like apple cider vinegar to meals may help to increase the general absorption of nutrients.

Dietary Strategies to Maximise Absorption

Remind yourself that supplements are just part of the solution to maximise nutrient absorption; to optimise absorption even further, consider these dietary strategies:

  • To promote dietary diversity, eat rainbow foods. Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Fat is essential in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. To maximise absorption and nutrition absorption, enhance your meals with olive oil or add an avocado slice to toast for optimal absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Reduce anti-nutrients to improve absorption by deactivating compounds: certain foods, like spinach and beans, contain anti-nutrients that prevent mineral absorption. To remove them from their system quickly and easily, methods like soaking, sprouting or fermentation are useful ways to inactivate such compounds.
  • Careful timing of nutrient interactions: based on adequate timing of nutrient interactions, this can optimise absorption. When taking calcium and iron supplements together, remember that some nutrients compete for absorption, so it's important to optimise uptake rates.

Arbor Vitamins: Our T

At Arbor Vitamins, our passion lies in creating supplements that perfectly align with the unique requirements of your body. With precision formulation and time optimised formulas, we're maximising the benefits of each nutrient with every dose, Arbor Vitamins has something to suit everyone, be it functional mushrooms in our product MYCO or full nutritional support such as our TRINITY Formulas (multivitamin). 

Optimising nutrient absorption it's an ongoing journey. At Arbor Vitamins, we recognise the significance of pairing supplements with the right dietetic choices to achieve maximum potential - unlocking vibrant health from within! Make the leap into absorption with Arbor Vitamins as your guide! 

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