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Should you take vitamin C in the morning? - Arbor Vitamins

Should you take vitamin C in the morning?

Should you use vitamin C in the morning? Taking into consideration its many health and beauty advantages (from skin brightening to immune strengthening), is there an optimal time and method of intake?

Vitamin C is the Foundation of Wellness

Should you use vitamin C in the morning? Vitamin C and mornings go hand in hand - here's why:

1. Sun Protection

When entering sunlight, vitamin C acts like an invisible shield to neutralise UV radiation and free radicals before they damage skin cells. Taking Vitamin C before sunscreen application each morning boosts protection and keep skin radiant yet protected throughout its day of exposure to the sun.

2. Energy Boost

Vitamin C provides a natural source of energy as it aids energy production, helping to relieve fatigue. A daily dose helps restore cells while simultaneously revitalising you for a busy day ahead. 

3. Glowing Skin

Vitamin C plays an essential role in collagen synthesis which is essential to keeping skin plump and firm, meaning applying a morning dose could set off an impressive, glowing, firmer complexion throughout your day.

4. Immunity Support

A daily morning dose can boost your body's defences against cold or flu symptoms and potentially decrease their severity or length of duration.

Enhance Your Morning Routine With Arbor Vitamins

Arbor Vitamins provides you with everything you need to harness the full force of Vitamin C in the morning. Our TRINITY morning formula is packed with various essential nutrients, including a daily dose of vitamin C, as well as other complementary nutrients. Arbor Vitamins is your go-to partner to bring life-giving radiance back into morning Vitamin C.

Benefits of Vitamin C 

Morning applications of vitamin C help to:

  • Renew and Repair: Sleep provides your skin with ample opportunities to regenerate. Incorporating vitamin C supplements can help this process, by supporting collagen production and cell repair processes.
  • Soothe Sensitive Skin: For skin that becomes easily irritated in sunlight, taking vitamin C can help to soothe and protect the skin.

Prioritise Essentials 

Here are some factors to remember when using vitamin C: 

  1. Always Wear SPF 30+ Sun Protection! For optimal sun safety, always start the day right by applying broad spectrum SPF 30+ protection before heading outdoors, no matter when or if taking Vitamin C supplements. Re-apply liberally throughout your day.
  2. Pick the right food and include foods rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers and leafy greens in your diet for maximum benefits.

The Arbor Approach: Timing is Everything

Arbor Vitamins believes strongly in taking nutrition at the most optimal time of day. When it comes to vitamin C supplements, we suggest boosting your immunity and sun-protection with a morning daily dose of vitamin C.

Our products:

Consider taking our MYCO Bundle for extra health support from adaptogenic mushrooms. MYCO and TRINITY together are the ultimate, comprehensive package for daily energy, focus and immunity boost, as well as restfulness, sleep quality and calm.

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